What others have said:

  "I have done many seminars and workshops. Never before however have I learned so much about myself in such a short time. It truly is a moving, revealing and healing journey, very dynamic and funny too. The greatest gift and learning was to get in touch more deeply with my authenticity and open to following my intuition as inner guidance through my life."
-- Frank Moon, IT Consultant

  "The experience with the Neutral Mask has profoundly changed my stage presence. It has given me a new sense and understanding of what it means to be 'me' and how I project this essence to my audience and the people whose life I touch. A very powerful and insightful adventure"
                                                                     -- Anastasia Aspelling, Doug Williams Band

 "Fire behind the mask" is a truly moving and fascinating experience into the world of the unconscious Body/Mind that allows the true inner spirit to shine through. It is a magical and transformative journey indeed to truly learn and understand my own body language & expressive behaviors, whether on stage or in the world."
Prasadam, Director of Zen Theatre

Behind the Mask

Who you are speaks louder than what you say!

Ever wondered why body language is so powerful? Communication consists of 7% words 33% tonality and 60% body language!

Discovering the power of body language is extremely useful. If you want to become more dynamic in acting, training, presenting or public speaking you need to be able to express yourself freely, skilfully and without inhibitions thru the body. Being congruent in what you communicate is crucial to your success.

Your body language cannot hide anything because habitual thought and emotional patterns are held in the body. Observing and altering underlying causal issues through the body is powerful. Experience first hand how change initiated at this level is direct and most effective

Are you ready for a change, to communicate and express yourself powerfully?

Setting your spirit free is a journey like no other using the power of the neutral mask, a powerful medium to teach body language and presentation skills. Under the mask you develop a potent heightened sense of presence and awareness. 

Energies begin to move within the body, as centers of consciousness awaken. Feelings emerge from the unconscious, images move upon the screen of the mind arising from hidden places to reveal their secrets to you.

"Behind the Mask" will give you:

-   insights into the true messages of your body language in your relationships

-   your life lessons & what and how to change

-   a sense of your life purpose, soul essence and personality skills – how  to express and release untapped potential

"Behind the Mask" is a weekend program for people:

-   who wish to develop powerful presentations

-   who want to learn to use & read body language powerfully

-   who want to know more about themselves 

-   who want a change and fresh perspective in their lives now

-   who dare to take risks to broaden their vision and intuition

  You will:

-   experience a deeper intimacy and connection with your authentic self

-   feel freer, more vital, alive and centered

-   develop the ability to be more present, alert and spontaneous, claiming your personal power

-   have greater love and compassion for self and others

-   balance your internal female and male energy

-   have a lot of fun!!

 The program will cover:

-   Development of intuitive perception: How to develop and master your intuitive perception, foresight and genius

-   Exploring the power of Love: How much you dare to express and share your love, what stands between you and being more loving towards yourself and others?

-   Accessing personal Power: Claim your sense of power, access it and strengthen it!

About the Facilitator:

Sandhi Spiers has been working with the neutral Mask for over 15 years whereby he developed the ' Behind the Mask ' workshops. During this time period, he began intensive studies with eastern Masters. His background includes Theatre & Drama Action Work, Emotional Expression, Yoga & Meditation, Inner child work, Psychology and NLP.

At the heart of his work is his capacity to bring forth awareness of individual and collective patterns, paradigms and frameworks that need to change before more desirable outcomes can be created. His style is humorous and subtle yet creating powerful changes in perceptions and behaviours.

Sandhi is the founding director of the Wholistic Business Network with 25 years experience in personal & professional development, coaching, counselling and group facilitation.

www.wbntoday.com      &     www.sunenergycommunications.com

"Everyone is wearing a mask to hide what we really are and to show what we are not. We are afraid of that which is hidden and spend our lives fighting our own repressed emotions and fears.

We have to understand our fear until we are at one with ourselves.

It is your birthright to live in freedom and without fear."                                                                                                  -- Osho


Registration and Logistics





What to bring: loose comfortable clothing, all black or white.

Please note: This workshop is limited to 14 participants only.

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For bookings & information please call Sandhi on

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