You have been a huge catalyst for growth and a great help and support. I really appreciate your commitment and value your vast experience"
Tess P Project Manager

"Thank you for guiding me to the high tops and helping me to face my deepest depths."
K.V Arkelen Kinesiologist


"…helped me to find my purpose in life and with this I feel more complete. I found a piece that I thought I had lost."
Adriana L Fashion Designer

Case Studies



A small Film location company was finding it difficult to survive in an environment that was not only highly competitive but also was facing a shrinking market due to the state of the industry. The challenge was how to increase profits in a tough and highly competitive business environment and how to keep staff employed. Another challenge was dealing with increasing costs of warehousing essential props.


Our approach was to conduct a concise SWOT analysis. This let to the realization that the company needed to be restructured fundamentally in its operation in order to survive.


We focussed mainly on developing new niche markets overseas and cutting costs internally thru more effective system management. The challenge to find new niche markets was solved by using strategies to research and develop new alliances.


New management systems were developed that were more effective in the overall operations administration.  Developing a cost effective form of warehousing by changing the location, logistics and handling of the items used lead to greater efficiency.


The Results were outstanding. The company managed to triple its income (already after the 7th session!), staff morale improved dramatically and the overall satisfaction and work conditions became much more rewarding. The company eventually became so successful that they opened a new branch overseas.

Career Development

An IT employee found it increasingly difficult to find satisfaction in his job working in the IT industry. He had become noticeably moody and irritable, was not motivated to carry on with his duties and was facing potential financial set backs. Consequently other areas of his life were negatively affected as well.


Our approach initially was focussed on uncovering what he really was passionate about and committed to in his life. He became focussed on exploring his life’s purpose, vision and mission.  In the process he uncovered a variety of  limiting beliefs that had kept him stuck due to the cultural conditioning by his family of origin. After exploring his belief and value systems he became aware of numerous incongruent behavioural patterns that were the underlying pattern for his dissatisfaction in his life.


One of the core insights that changed his life was the realization that he had been living a life that his parents wanted him to lead. He was conditioned to live out their dreams at the expense of his true talents. Opening to new perspectives and releasing long held limiting beliefs, he then was able to expand his range of choices, making new, life changing decisions.


Changing his career path proved to be highly rewarding for him.  After we had identified his perceived life purpose we established a step by step action plan. He enrolled in a communication skills course and begun to work part time only. In his spare time he started to volunteer and practise his communication skills in community organizations.


Fulfilment came when he found a particular suitable community group for which he worked with dedication and motivation. He became a highly thought after mediation expert in the months to come. It not only changed the level of his professional satisfaction but also had a positive impact on his marriage and personal life.


Finding a new relationship whilst working in a busy job proved to be difficult for a young professional woman. Her self confidence had taken a battering after a number of painful disappointments with men and she began to gain weight. She had become increasingly isolated and disappointed with the quality of her social life. Despite being successful in many other areas of her life she was not attracting the right kind of partner no matter how hard she tried.


Our initial approach was to explore who and what she really wanted in her life, and her expectations. To her surprise she realized that she actually had not been available for a new relationship as she still was emotionally attached to her last partner of many years.  She discovered how much her self esteem had suffered after the separation. The unfinished business with her past had contributed to a series of other disempowering relationships that had left her feeling incomplete.


The choice was made to complete with her past. Forgiving her ex boy friend allowed her to express and heal many years of unrealized grief.  She opened up to new possibilities without the limiting baggage of the past. Following this part of her journey we worked next on building up her self esteem.  She came to terms with unrealistic expectations and disempowering beliefs (i.e. “I’m not good enough and need someone who takes care of me”) which changed her behaviours and expectations fundamentally..


We identified and focussed on her real passions and selected two areas of interest : outdoor activities & sport.   We set a number of agreed challenges in those areas, designed to increase her self-esteem, self reliance and motivation.


 Some of the agreed challenges were to participate in a powerful vision quest in the bush and running a marathon for which she had to train and loose weight. Both challenges symbolised a big stretch which she faced successfully after some coaching.


As a result her self-esteem improved dramatically. Not only had she found a new relationship to herself with increasing self confidence but she also made new friends. By choosing to focus her life in a new direction she expanded her social contacts and network.


Only a short time after she had completed the last sessions she met a man that was the right life partner for her. They got married 6 months later and are looking forward to their 1st child.




Now that you know some of the experienced challenges my clients faced and how I helped them to resolve their issues , click here to learn more about what other people said.

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