"You must first be who you really are, then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want."
        Margaret Young

Imagine Cruises

Experience the magic of an unforgettable getaway!

Feeling ready for a something special?  
 How about a Getaway weekends to treat yourself and loved ones to something that touches your soul?  Why not spoil yourself and discover the magic of cruising with dolphins & whales amongst the islands of blue water paradise Port Stevens, only 2.5 hrs nth of Sydney

 Come and enjoy a getaway under the sails with a taste of bliss...rejoice in the company of a friendly, humorous crew, delight in the comfort on board of one of the finest catamarans in the bay and simply relax.

 For further info & bookings call 0419 233 448 or visit www.imaginecruises.com.au 


Magic Island Cruise

Ready to experience a fun weekend like no other?  We now offer you an exceptional getaway opportunity for your company, club or extended circle of friends.

Are you willing to be pleasantly surprised? … an exceptional weekend...meeting old friends & making new ones... Delight in sunset sailing amongst the islands... Sail with the dolphins and whales and explore some of the most colourful underwater worlds in the region... Experience the thrills of boom netting and chill out under starry nights on a magical island beach.

Spoil yourself with delicious treats, fine foods & wines and dance under the stars to the infectious rhythms of our Dj's.!! A meeting place where great spirits come together. You'll be glad you came!

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Want to hire "IMAGINE" exclusively for your own island adventure? 

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Now where you have learned about an amazing getaway, learn more about how to get connected to a great network of switched on people.

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