"You must first be who you really are, then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want."
        Margaret Young

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The Art of personal Networking & Marketing

"What one skill, if you developed it, could have the greatest positive impact on your career? This is the key to your future." -- Brian Tracy


You may have recognized how important it is in today's world to have a clear and well formed idea & vision of your product or service in order to be successful. To help you to be even more effective, experience what a dynamic & empowering 1 day intensive skill training workshop can do for you.

You will learn to:

· speak about what you do so that people listen and respond
· prepare materials that people read and actually motivate them to call you
· get known as an expert who can solve difficult problems
· turn conversations with prospective clients into proposals and contracts
· build a word-of-mouth business that keeps your business growing consistently.

So why else do the Art of Personal Networking & Marketing?

· because you want to be even more successful
· to discover any hidden talents & to locate just where you’ve hidden them
· to enhance your ability to connect & network with a group in a more conversational
· to learn to market to your client's values in your networking
· to learn how to lighten up any long and tedious marketing presentation – thus
  avoiding your clients drifting off!
· to learn just what it is about you that your target group is going to find the most
  endearing, and interesting...the outcome: creating results on purpose.

. to live your dream
· to learn how to be powerful, in control and approachable all at the same time
· to have fun!

The Art of Personal Networking & Marketing is all about learning some powerful techniques how to create results. It involves getting in touch with your most valuable resource – YOU:  Who you are, where you are coming from, your cultural background, your purpose & values, and your own unique perspective.

In an intensive 8 hour experiential learning workshop you unlock your individual art of personal networking & marketing, using advanced NLP processes, presentation skills & opportunities, class brainstorming and empowering feed back.

You will experience powerful processes to help you manage your own emotional states, relate more effectively to other people and get insights into future successes. The insights gained are equally applicable to business and personal contexts and may improve your quality of life ....and the one of whose life you touch! By the end of the day you will have valuable insights and skills to know how much you benefit from what you have learned. You'll be glad you came!

So make a great decision now to discover for yourself the 'The art of personal networking & marketing' by taking this small step and enquire now. 

Call Sandhi on 0419 244 448 or
email sandhi@sunenergycommunications.com for more information!
Now you have learned about the art of personal networking & marketing. Click here to get an idea how to express your self and raise your self-esteem.
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