"You must first be who you really are, then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want."
        Margaret Young


"I met Sandhi at a time when my wife, who is also my business partner, was in need of coaching on a business and personal level.



As fate would have it, it was a very fortuitous set of circumstances that led to Sandhi being available for lifecoaching. We haven’t looked back since.

I have been in an objective position to view Sandhi’s work, as he coached KJ through a transitional period of her life.  The confidence that Sandhi was able to instil in KJ was fast, effective and has held over time. It was through a combination of generosity, courtesy and genuine interest, along with an ability to be clear and firm with every detail that puts Sandhi in a special category of personal development professionals.
It was clear to me that Sandhi has many different styles and methods that he can tailor to each client. Of the work that KJ was set by Sandhi, each task was appropriate to the circumstances and was quite obviously set with Karen’s specific needs in mind. The tasks were challenging, but not an imposition on our already busy schedule, and this was greatly appreciated by my family.

In the time since I have known Sandhi my network of personal and professional contacts has grown beyond all expectations. Not only has Sandhi put us in contact with a great many people, more importantly, we’ve been connected with the kind of people that we have needed to connect with, a gift that Sandhi has demonstrated many times over. He knows and remembers people on a complete level. Most of these introductions have occurred during the wonderful social events that someone of only Sandhi’s standing in the community can coordinate.
It has been an enriching experience knowing Sandhi, and I expect never to abandon his wise counsel and friendship."
                                         SCJ, Real Estate agent


“I wanted to thank you again, as you really have been a catalyst to yet another triumph goal I have achieved.  Thank you so much! I just wanted to touch base with you as I realised I'd fulfilled my goals regarding work without even realizing it.  If you recall my goal when I was pregnant 19 months ago was to position myself for a senior role on my return from maternity leave and increase my salary.

Well, I thought I'd let you know that I've got my senior role and now working 4 days - 3 in the city and one from home and wait for it.. getting paid more than I did working  5 days a week.  I'm getting paid an extra $25k on my last role!!!  I'm very excited as I don't know many people get promoted while on mat leave. 

I had this realisation when I was telling myself I can't believe I've got such a great role and get paid so much, and then it hit me, this is what I was working towards and I had fulfilled my goal without realizing it.”
                                                            D. Loder , IT manager


"It has been a highly stimulating and exciting experience throughout which I was able amongst other things to look inside myself and see who I really am, what I really want and where I really would like to be. I was able to find where my passion lie and to set out new goals for myself....goals that were dormant for a long time but nevertheless I know how to achieve now through strategic planning. You have given me the tools with which I can achieve anything I really want."
                                              C.Demopolous, Radio producer, TV presenter


"Initially the fee to undertake the coaching seemed like a lot of money at the time. But that was perhaps the best investment I have ever made in my life. Your insights were eye opening. It has set me on the path of greater self-awareness and positive change that has impact my life for the better. I have been continuing to put your ideas and suggestions into practice with great success."
                                                                          R. Brookhouse, Manager

"You have been the catalyst for some truly amazing things happening in my life.  I've grown up so much with your guidance and can now say its been such a worthwhile experience. I have achieved a lot in the time!"
                                                            D. O'Rourke, IT Divisions Manager

"Sandhi is a vigilant and insightful facilitator who brings a wealth of modalities and life experiences to the already impressive range of tools of this course. A great reality check...if you want to do something for yourself....do this! Very powerful and clarifying!"
           R. Ribberink, Counsellor


"I am pleased to say that my dreams came true more than I could ever have imagined. I learned to work smarter and not harder!"
                                                                    K. Ashworth, Accountant


"Your greatest ability is that you are extremely insightful...the life coaching experience has been so invaluable to me. It was something I fully realized over time when I look back ...it is really obvious how it helped me to grow and take responsibility for my life. I became so much more confident...it truly was a push in the right direction."
                    T. Maynes, Store Manager

"I wanted to write and tell you what a fantastic job you are doing in getting people together and creating a great society model. Thank you."
                                     J. Alexander, Psychologist and Corporate facilitator


"Sandhi has a way of drawing out abilities to cope with major decisions--to deal with sensitive matters that had been swept under the carpet.  I was encouraged to extend myself more from a feeling level than an intellectual level which was really important to me. This has led to a more forthright way of communicating which I found to be self empowering. I have moved from a rather cramped quarters into my ideal home. I have a much better relationship with my daughter and a new career is unfolding that is inspiring and challenging."
                                                     U. Hansen, Shop owner

"I am very happy and I know I owe a lot of it to the sessions we had together. I know I have made a very good choice and am very fortunate that we met."
                                                                         G. Flynn, Financial controller


"Just wanted to say thank you for the last 12 weeks (or more) of listening to my life and times, and for your help and inspiration. Lots of very good vibes are keeping me positive in all I do, and whilst I remain focused and positive things just start to happen – for the good, and the impossible is more apparent to being possible."                                                               Cheryl B., Owner of a Model agency 

"You have been a huge catalyst for growth and a great help and support. I really appreciate your commitment and value your vast experience"
                                                                              Tess P., Project Manager


"Thank you for guiding me to the high tops and helping me to face my deepest depths."
         K.V. Arkelen, Kinesiologist


"…helped me to find my purpose in life and with this I feel more complete. I found a piece that I thought I had lost."
                                         Adriana L, Fashion designer


"...definitely helped me to turn my life around."
                                                              K.Hall, Designer

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