"You must first be who you really are, then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want."
        Margaret Young

The Art of Personal Networking and Marketing

The Art of Networking - Have you met anyone interesting lately?

Ever wondered how to connect with interesting people, personally & professionally? Experience the power & magic of switched on networking on purpose. WBN events are dynamic, fun & inspiring designed to help people to create the personal & professional connections they may seek within a holistically minded environment.

Plenty of new opportunities are opening at each meeting and many of our guests have realized that networking is not only a fun way to meet but it can be a highly effective form of marketing as well...

Experience how you...

*have the chance to expose your business or service to a greater community

*can connect with a number of interesting people from all walks of life

*can get the job, service, healing or connection that you have been looking for

*form new strategic alliances

*can take advantage of some outstanding introductory offers, referral systems, free
  samples or complimentary sessions

*open new markets for your products or services

*meet a travel companion and /or get valuable travel tips

*have the chance to win some fabulous prizes

*can meet old friends and make new ones

*connect with new networks internationally

*rekindle the fire & passion of your dreams and much,
  much more... www.wbntoday.com

Now where you have learned how to network & market yourself on purpose, learn more about how to enjoy a ‘whale of a time’… Click here

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