"I wanted to thank you again, as you really have been a catalyst to yet another triumph goal I have achieved. Thank you so much!

I just wanted to touch base with you as I realised I'd fulfilled my goals regarding work without even realizing it. If you recall my goal when I was pregnant 19 months ago was to position myself for a senior role on my return from maternity leave and increase my salary.

Well, I thought I'd let you know that I've got my senior role and now working 4 days - 3 in the city and one from home and wait for it.. getting paid more than I did working  5 days a week.  I'm getting paid an extra $25kon my last role!!!

I'm very excited as I don't know many people get promoted while on mat leave. I had this realisation when I was telling myself I can't believe I've got such a great role and get paid so much, and then it hit me, this is what I was working towards and I had fulfilled my goal without realizing it.”
D. Loder IT Manager

Ever wondered what coaching & sailing may have in common?

Coaching is like sailing...learning to sail and going on a journey, taking your learned skills to a higher degree of satisfaction and accomplishment.


First you will decide what kind of boat you want to sail on.  We will clearly define your desired destination, what it takes to get there...and how long it will take! This is what a smart goal setting session is all about.

Once on the sea we will focus on your desired destination.... you will learn how to adjust the sails. During the journey you may be facing opposing winds from time to time, challenging your progress. You will learn how to navigate smartly and deal creatively with changing environments, wind & weather conditions.  On occasions you may enter into un-chartered waters…seas you may not have sailed before. This is the time when you are likely to grow the most.

Learning new strategic approaches will help you to make progress regardless the obstacles in just the same way as learning how to handle strong undercurrents.You will learn how to adjust your approach skilfully and try new things to reach your destination.   

Being faced with many uncertainties from time to time you may wonder whether you have got what it takes... 

You develop the courage to face your doubts and do things differently, discovering and developing  hidden talents & abilities that you did not know you had.
Each cruise is unique with your own individual approach. Whether you may face storms, reefs or undercurrents...by the end of the journey you will not only have become much more competent and accomplished in sailing  but you will enjoy your desired destination with the appreciation of knowing what it took to get you there successfully.

Your life will be very different indeed.
The outcome of each session is a sense of fundamental empowerment. You are supported with effective tools, processes, strategies and astute insights to assist you to become ever more satisfied with the results that you are creating..

  At the end of each session you will have a clear understanding what is your next step and what it will take to get there. Together we will design a clear action plan that will serve your individuality best.

What can I expect from coaching?
Each client has got an individual agenda
and the results differ. However many clients have similar experiences in that they feel a much greater sense of achievement, a significantly higher sense of self-esteem,  much more fulfilment in their personal or professional lives and a greater level of satisfaction in the quality of their relationships. 

Choosing the right coach can be difficult as there is so much to choose from. If you value 25 years of experience in personal & professional development and appreciate practical, hands on approaches that deliver results you may have come to the right place.

Typically most of my clients reach 80% - 90% of their desired goals within the given timeframe.

 When working with me you can expect profound changes in your personal and /or professional life. You will become more skilful, empowered and versatile in the way you handle conflicts, challenges and the results speak for themselves.

“Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me, my approach & philosophy, hear what clients said. click here for testimonials or click here for case studies.



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